1. Target: IDP91646:
    Makowska-Grzyska M, Kim Y, Gorla SK, Wei Y, Mandapati K, Zhang M, Maltseva N, Modi G, Boshoff HI, Gu M, Aldrich C, Cuny GD, Hedstrom L, Joachimiak A. (2015)
    Mycobacterium tuberculosis IMPDH in Complexes with Substrates, Products and Antitubercular Compounds
    PLoS ONE,10:e0138976 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 0
  2. Target: idp01616:
    Filippova EV, Weigand S, Osipiuk J, Kiryukhina O, Joachimiak A, Anderson WF (2015)
    Substrate induced allosteric change in the quaternary structure of the spermidine N-acetyltransferase SpeG
    Journal of Molecular Biology,427:3538-53 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 0
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    Structural Genomics Support for Infectious Disease Drug Design.
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    Times cited: 0
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    Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography,71:1965-79 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 4
  6. Target: IDP91046:
    Meziane-Cherif D, Stogios PJ, Evdokimova E, Egorova O, Savchenko A, Courvalin P (2015)
    Structural and Functional Adaptation of Vancomycin Resistance VanT Serine Racemases.
    mBio,6:e00806 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 0
  7. Target: IDP91809:
    Leung DW, Borek D, Luthra P, Binning JM, Anantpadma M, Liu G, Harvey IB, Su Z, Endlich-Frazier A, Pan J, Shabman RS, Chiu W, Davey RA, Otwinowski Z, Basler CF, Amarasinghe GK (2015)
    An Intrinsically Disordered Peptide from Ebola Virus VP35 Controls Viral RNA Synthesis by Modulating Nucleoprotein-RNA Interactions.
    Cell reports,11:376-89 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 2
  8. Target: IDP0699:
    Halavaty AS, Rich RL, Chen C, Joo JC, Minasov G, Dubrovska I, Winsor JR, Myszka DG, Duban M, Shuvalova L, Yakunin AF, Anderson WF (2015)
    Structural and functional analysis of betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase from Staphylococcus aureus.
    Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography,71:1159-1175 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 0
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    Magnesium-binding architectures in RNA crystal structures: validation, binding preferences, classification and motif detection.
    Nucleic Acids Research,43:3789-801 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 1
  10. Target: IDP01178 , IDP04364, IDP04376, IDP90781:
    Magdalena Makowska-Grzyska, Youngchang Kim, Natalia Maltseva, Jerzy Osipiuk, Minyi Gu, Minjia Zhang, Kavitha Mandapati, Deviprasad R. Gollapalli, Suresh Kumar Gorla, Lizbeth Hedstrom, Andrzej Joachimiak (2015)
    A Novel Cofactor-binding Mode in Bacterial IMP Dehydrogenases Explains Inhibitor Selectivity
    Journal of Biological Chemistry,290:5893-5911 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 4
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