1. Target: IDP91779:
    Stogios PJ, Evdokimova E, Morar M, Koteva K, Wright GD, Courvalin P, Savchenko A (2015)
    Structural and functional plasticity of antibiotic resistance nucleotidylyltransferases revealed by molecular characterization of lincosamide nucleotidylyltransferases Lnu(A) and Lnu(D).
    Journal of Molecular Biology,: (Details) (Abstract)
  2. Target: IDP01908:
    Mulder DT, McPhee JB, Reid-Yu SA, Stogios PJ, Savchenko A, Coombes BK (2015)
    Multiple histidines in the periplasmic domain of the Salmonella enterica sensor kinase SsrA enhance signaling in response to extracellular acidification.
    Molecular Microbiology,95:678-91 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 0
  3. Target: IDP90293:
    Ruan J, Mouveaux T, Light SH, Minasov G, Anderson WF, Tomavo S, Ngô HM (2015)
    The structure of bradyzoite-specific enolase from Toxoplasma gondii reveals insights into its dual cytoplasmic and nuclear functions.
    Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography,71:417-426 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 0
  4. Filippova EV, Kuhn ML, Osipiuk J, Kiryukhina O, Joachimiak A, Ballicora MA, Anderson WF (2015)
    A novel polyamine allosteric site of SpeG from Vibrio cholerae is revealed by its dodecameric structure.
    Journal of Molecular Biology,427:1316-34 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 0
  5. Target: IDP01169:
    Hammerstrom TG, Horton LB, Swick MC, Joachimiak A, Osipiuk J, Koehler TM (2015)
    Crystal structure of Bacillus anthracis virulence regulator AtxA and effects of phosphorylated histidines on multimerization and activity.
    Molecular Microbiology,95:426-41 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 0
  6. Target: IDP92558:
    Cox G, Stogios PJ, Savchenko A, Wright GD (2015)
    Structural and Molecular Basis for Resistance to Aminoglycoside Antibiotics by the Adenylyltransferase ANT(2″)-Ia.
    mBio,6:UNSP e02180-14 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 0
  7. Target: IDP95069:
    Tyson GH, Halavaty AS, Kim H, Geissler B, Agard M, Satchell KJ, Cho W, Anderson WF, Hauser AR (2015)
    A Novel Phosphatidylinositol 4,5-Bisphosphate Binding Domain Mediates Plasma Membrane Localization of ExoU and Other Patatin-like Phospholipases.
    Journal of Biological Chemistry,290:2919-37 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 0
  8. 2014
  9. AbouElfetouh A, Kuhn ML, Hu LI, Scholle MD, Sorensen DJ, Sahu AK, Becher D, Antelmann H, Mrksich M, Anderson WF, Gibson BW, Schilling B, Wolfe AJ (2014)
    The E. coli sirtuin CobB shows no preference for enzymatic and nonenzymatic lysine acetylation substrate sites.
    MicrobiologyOpen,4:66-83 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 0
  10. Target: IDP90300:
    Tonkin, M.L., Halavaty, A.S., Ramaswamy, R., Ruan, J., Igarashi, M., Ngô, H.M. and Boulanger, M.J. (2014)
    Structural and functional divergence of the aldolase fold in Toxoplasma gondii
    Journal of Molecular Biology,427:840-52 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 1
  11. Target: APC27148 :
    Nocek B, Starus A, Makowska-Grzyska M, Gutierrez B, Sanchez S, Jedrzejczak R, Mack JC, Olsen KW, Joachimiak A, Holz RC (2014)
    The dimerization domain in DapE enzymes is required for catalysis.
    PLoS ONE,9:e93593 (Details) (Abstract)
    Times cited: 0
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