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CSGID can clone the requested gene from any strain that has been sequenced completely and its genomic DNA is available ( ). However, if provide your own clone/genomic DNA or choose one of the available in-house strains ( ), your request may be able to proceed faster.

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Justification* (A brief (one or two sentences) description of how determination of target structure will enhance research progress in the field. The justification may include reference to supporting experimental evidence and/or relevant literature, as well as the approximate size of the relevant scientific community.)

Comments (special information relevant to the proposed approach for structure determination (e.g. the importance of post-translational protein modifications, known ligands and their availability, previous attempts at either X-ray crystallography or NMR structure determination, and whether one of the centers is specifically requested). This information is optional, but may be of significant value in determining the appropriate protein production and structure determination pipelines)

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