Availability of Validated Clones

The CSGID team at the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) produces expression clones and submits them to a high throughput expression and solubility screening process. Clones producing sufficiently soluble protein are distributed to downstream CSGID laboratories for scale-up, crystallization and 3D structural determination. Concurrently, the JCVI team sequence verifies the soluble, expressing clones using an in-house assembly pipeline where end-primed and walking-primed reads are assembled and compared to each clone's reference sequence. To pass validation clones must have at least 1X full-length coverage (including LIC cloning sites), a less than 0.2% silent/missense mutation rate and no frameshift/nonsense mutations. Researchers interested in CSGID clones should contact the CSGID Project Manager.