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Approved targetsClones distributed from JCVICloning trialsSuccessful clonesExpressing clonesSoluble expressing clonesPurification attemptsSuccessful purificationsIn crystallization trialsCrystal harvestedDatasets collectedStructures deposited in PDB
Sep 20173480/0116/560116/43482/20348/81100/16748/6721/50862/20/04/4
Oct 20171900/0115/226102/16660/8250/6749/7334/4828/750919/1468/306/6
Nov 20171410/099/19197/1788/166/716/3912/2013/423012/573/37/10
Dec 2017100/069/7469/7493/16533/3382/10639/5511/14980/04/106/6
Jan 2018500/0236/343192/21880/9240/4158/7635/537/47040/02/24/5
Feb 2018260/0197/283192/27746/5246/5233/3928/3421/1218720/604/52/2
Mar 2018380/0223/325219/320110/22131/3563/7733/3839/1399913/686/133/3
Apr 2018400/0258/413256/406334/394151/16842/5732/4530/907522/2613/244/4
May 20181020/02/32/322/2213/1330/6120/3214/24260/02/47/8
Jun 2018210/0128/215126/209122/20478/9414/146/64/8340/00/00/0

For each category, the number of unique targets and number of experiments is displayed.

Number of targets/experiments worked on each month.

    Number of experiments denotes:
  • # of constructs for "Clones distributed from JCVI", "Cloning trials", "Successful clones", "Expressing clones", "Soluble expressing clones"
  • # of purification experiments for "Purification attempts" and "Succesful purifications"
  • # of crystallization drops for "Crystallization trials"
  • # of crystals collected for "Crystals harvested"
  • # of datasets collected for "Datasets collected"
  • # of structures solved for "Structures solved"
  • # of PDB deposits for "Structures deposited in PDB"