Coverage of Infectious Pathogens*

Stages of targets according to unified status codes

Classification Genus Species # of structures in PDB at CSGID start # of structures in PDB # of CSGID structures CSGID as % of all entries CSGID as % of new entries
* "Number of Structures in PDB at CSGID start" denotes number of protein structures for a given species deposited in the PDB before October 1, 2007. "Current number of structures in PDB" denotes the number of structures deposited in the PDB as of May 21, 2024. For both PDB and CSGID only the structures released as of May 21, 2024 are taken into account (thus structures that have been deposited but are not yet released by the PDB are omitted). Assignment of species for PDB structures is based on taxonomy id and scientific name provided by depositors; the assignment may be imprecise in cases where only scientific name and no taxonomy id was given.