PDB deposit guidelines

All CSGID depositors should follow the below guidelines when depositing new structures to the PDB.
  1. Make sure that the structure meets the criteria outlined in "Crystal structure quality metrics for PDB deposition".
  2. List "Center for Structural Genomics of Infectious Diseases (CSGID)" as the final author.
  3. Add Center's PIs as authors.
  4. Upload structure factors to the PDB, and make sure both the structure and structure factors are marked "RELEASE IMMEDIATELY."
  5. Upload the deposited structure to the CSGID website.
  6. Make sure to add an "Annotation," which describes the protein and structure, to all the structures you add to the CSGID website.
  7. Make sure that ALL the information regarding that particular target you have deposited the structure of are complete so that the Progress table contains the most updated information.
  8. Upload the diffraction images to the IRRMC repository.